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Oh Art Wiki is the official wiki for Oh Art™.

OH Art Foundation is currently located in Chicago at the Zhou B Art Center. The mission of OH Art Foundation is to strengthen Chicago communities through art education and exhibition programs rooted in a multi-cultural, inclusive vision for the fine arts.

We offer free community events, weekly small group programs for youth, and monthly exhibitions as part of our Living Artist Program.


An artist's main assignment is to create something interesting, unique or functional for use as an advertisement or product packaging, for sale or exhibition, or just to entertain.

Below you will find a list of featured artist. To view the full list, please visit Artist Directory

Artist Website Wiki ₿ Balance
Aibamboo View ₿ 0.000000
Amanda Greive View ₿ 0.000000
Ariel Zhang View ₿ 0.000000
Alfred Golden View ₿ 0.000000
Brigitte Wolf View ₿ 0.000000
ChopStiks View ₿ 0.000000
InJung Oh View ₿ 0.000000
Jeff Chan View ₿ 0.000000
JooYeon Judy Yang View ₿ 0.000000
Kee Chan N/A View ₿ 0.000000
Kelly Mi Li N/A View ₿ 0.000000
Kwame Boama Mensa-Aborampa View ₿ 0.000000
Martin Bernstein View ₿ 0.000000
Michael Claire View ₿ 0.000000
Nolan McCants View ₿ 0.000000
Pat Marek View ₿ 0.000000
Prysiazhniuk Art View ₿ 0.000000
Rine Boyer View ₿ 0.000000
Sally Ko View ₿ 0.000000
Sergio Farfan View ₿ 0.000000
Sergio Gomez View ₿ 0.000000
Vivi Niya Gao View ₿ 0.000000
Yva Neal View ₿ 0.000000
Yvette Kaiser Smith View ₿ 0.000000
Zhou Brothers View ₿ 0.000000

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Art collection, an accumulation of works of art by a private individual or a public institution. Art collecting has a long history, and most of the world's art museums grew out of great private collections formed by royalty, the aristocracy, or the wealthy.

Image Creator Info Link Collection Marketplace Owners Est. Value Wiki
Sergio Gomez View Cycles of Life 3 ₿ 0.021194 View
Shark Father View Shark Boy Fight Club 3.0K ₿ 34.62000 View
Zhou Brothers - Spirit View Shanghai Taking Flight 143 ₿ 2.500000 View

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An art exhibition is traditionally the space in which art objects meet an audience. The exhibit is universally understood to be for some temporary period unless, as is rarely true, it is stated to be a "permanent exhibition".

Image Exhibition Name Artist Date Host Wiki
Meet Me In Between Ariel Zhang & Vivi Niya Gao March 18th - April 8th, 2022 Oh Art Foundation, Volossom, Zhoub Art Center View
The Breath Between Bites Amanda Greive March 1st - March 30th, 2022 33 Contemporary Gallery, Sergio Gomez View

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Arts organization means an organization that provides programming across one or more of the following artistic fields: creative place-making, dance, design, folk and traditional arts, literary arts, multi- disciplinary arts, music, media arts, theater, and visual arts.

Organization Location Website Wiki
Art Institute of Chicago 111 S Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60603 View
Arts Club of Chicago 201 E. Ontario Street, Chicago, IL 60611 View
Bridgeport Art Center 1200 W 35th St, Chicago, IL 60609 View
Mana Contemporary Art 2233 S Throop Street, Chicago, IL 60608 View
Oh Art Foundation 1029 W 35th St, Chicago, IL 60609 View
The School of the Art Institute of Chicago 36 S Wabash Ave, Chicago, IL 60603 View
Soho House 113-125 N Green St, Chicago, IL 60607 View
Volossom 1029 W 35th St, Chicago, IL 60609 View
Zhoub Art Center 1029 W 35th St, Chicago, IL 60609 View
33 Contemporary Gallery 1029 W 35th St, Chicago, IL 60609 View

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